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Bayaz Tahini box (6 jars of 700G each)

All of our tahini is produced in Amedi Kurdistan.

Discover the rich, nutty flavor of Bayaz Tahin, a premium sesame paste and tahini made from the finest sesame seeds. Our sesame seeds are sourced directly from small family farms in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, known for producing some of the world’s best sesame crops. The seeds are carefully roasted and then stone-ground in the ancient city of Amedi, where generations of craftspeople have perfected the art of making راشي (Tahin) and طحينة (Tahina).

What makes Bayaz Tahin so special is our traditional stone-grinding process. We use century-old granite millstones to gently crush the roasted sesame seeds, preserving their delicate oils and aroma. This creates a silky smooth راشي (tahin) with a lighter color and flavor than mass-produced sesame pastes. You can taste the difference in every spoonful.

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